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SEEMBO® is a registered trademark of Ina Printing & Embroidery, Inc., a family owned and operated domestic corporation located in Mount Prospect, IL USA. Founded by Nikolay Ganchev in 2011, SEEMBO® has become known for its unique designs featuring animal-driven characters engaging in everyday human hobbies. These designs can be found on various online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Shopify.

In addition to selling these designs through the aforementioned marketplaces SEEMBO® also creates own private line of clothing that features our unique prints on garments ranging from t-shirts to many more products. This allows us not only to stand out from competitors but to offer customers something special that they won’t find anywhere else - making it an important part of the fashion industry at large!

The current designs in the market are developed for various stores. Music stores such as drums and guitars, bike stores and skateboard shops have their own unique set of designs that cater to customers needs. All these different design elements come together create an attractive visual identity that is both recognizable distinct from one another based on what type product it represents.

In addition all these designs are copyrighted and owned by us, ensure no one else uses them without permission thus protecting originality authenticity each brand's image marketplace.


Our Authorized SEEMBO® Selling Channels Are:
Etsy Workout Store
Etsy Wedding Store
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